Happy birthday D´amour Litter

Happy Birthday Barbet Bay´s D´amour 1 year today♥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍♥ ( from the left to the right and upwards downwards) Royal Fernand♥, Voir Ma Belle♥, Bel Donatello♥, Rose Étoile♥, Father Fazi🐾🐾, mother Bellamie🐾🐾, Voila Chopin♥, La Vie Joli♥, Voir Zeonard♥ borned 20170726.
The first one borned at 9.00 was Zeonard at 375 g♥️, followed 9.45 by La Vie Jolie at 384 grams♥️, then Voir Ma Belle 9.49 at 323 grams♥️, followed by Royal Fernand 9.53 at 344 grams♥️, Bel Donatello 10.00 at 374 grams♥️♥️, Voila Chopin 10.28 at 370 grams♥️ and then the last one Rose Étoile 10.31 at 380 gram♥️. This was Bellamies´ first litter and she gave birth to 7 seven healthy puppies in just one hour and a half. Amazing! Both I and Agnieszka, the lovely owner of Fazi, are very proud of this lovely litter. They are all healthy nice old type looking barbets with lovely characters.
All their families praise their new family member. Getting letters from the owners telling me how much they love their new family member and telling me what an amazing character he/she is are the happiest news ever. Thank you all lovely families for giving them such lovely lifes♥️

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