Barbet Bay´s D´amour Rose Étoile

Educated by Swedish Therapy School into a School Dog, Therapy Dog and Social Service Dog. She is also SWJ-18, SW-18 and SE UCH.

Étoile, my dreamgirl!
Those eyes…. Love her!
Étoile 4 years old
Étoile 4 years old. Love her!
Rose Étoile, Barbet Bay´s d´amour Rose Étoile, SWJ-18, SW-18 SE UCH and educated Social Service Dog!

Étoile became the front cover of Barbets Calendar 2020. I am so so proud of this beauty!

Etoile 11 months nr 39 after brushing, washing and airdrying

Rose Étoile and I am going in the Swedish Therapy School. By this link you can view her in an animal shop. Very nice character, very friendly and calm! Watch out! There is a cat that doesn´t like dogs……But she handles the situation very well!

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