Batterikullens Go Go Girl

Cilla sadly crossed the rainbow bridge 20190905. Cilla was a daughter of de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre Billy the Kid and Nelum Himalis Amande and therefore sister of our Matisse, Batterikullens Goody Goody. Cilla represents the authentic type of barbet. I will always remember her and I´ll always be proud that we have her in our barbet inherited genes of our line. Big thanks to her owner Susanne with whom we let this page be kept as a memory of Cilla, Batterikulens Go Go Girl.

Cilla to the right of Susanne
Cilla, the beautiful black barbet to the right of and next to Susanne. Chippi, black with white, is a barbet a well. Susanne inherited Chippie when Marie pasted away. Chippie has also crossed the rainbow bridge. So now they are togehter ….
Cilla is laying down. Chippie is sitting to the left of her. It´s quite obvious that there are two types of barbet since here we can see them both next to each oher.
Cilla. That lovely head and lovely coat!
Cilla, an authentic barbet type.
Cilla to the right. An authentic barbet type.
Cilla with her dog family.
Cillas first show.
Cilla SE UCH.

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