Barbet Bay´s enchantment litter

Edelwyss gave the 29th of september birth to 6 beautiful puppies, 3 males and 3 females. Proud father is Fazi! Delwy is taking good care of them all.

Happy Birthday Angel, Barbet Bay´s Enchantment Angel Eyes 1 year.
Birth weight 207 gr. Now 50,5 cm and 18,3 kilos.

Happy Birthday Merlin, Barbet Bay´s Enchantment Lavender 1 year.
Birth weight 229 gr. Now 53cm and 16 kilos.

Happy Birthday Elvis, Barbet Bay´s Enchantment Wishbone. Birth weight 160 gr. Now 53,5 cm and 16 kilos.

Happy Birthday Timo, Barbet Bay´s Enchantment Blue Star 1 year. Assistennzhund! Birthweight 253 gr. Now 52cm and 18 kilos.

Happy Birthday Emma, Barbet Bay´s Enchantment Wild Rose 1 year.
Birth weight 160 gr. Now 49cm and 12,6 kilos.

Timo, Blue Star, will be an assistendog in 2 years. He is now “Offiziell Assistenthund in Ausbildung”.
Timo Blue Star
Emma, Wild Rose 12 weeks
Emma, Wild Rose 5 months
Merlin, Lavender 12 weeks
Wishbone now Elvis. Photo sent from his new owner Eva and her husband. Those lovely eyes…

Time flies so fast. The puppies were borned, they grew and they got their new families. We receive reports from their new homes and yes, we feel very very proud about what they tell us. The puppies will get the best future ever.

Wishbone with Eva and her husband. Wishbone is now called Elvis and in the future he will be a schooldog.
Blue Star with Thomas and family. He is called Timo and is now living in Schweiz. When he is big enough he will be an assistantdog.
Wild Rose with Ulrike and Christian. Wild Rosewill be living in Schweiz and she is now called Emma. She will be a familydog.
Lavender with Claudia and Jörg will be living in Schweiz. His new name is Merlin. As adult he will be a schooldog.
Angel with her mother Delwy. She misses her brothers and her sister….

Today all puppies in the Barbet Bay´s enchantment litter (Fazi x Edelwyss) had their vet examination. All healthy, all correct bites and no navel hernia. So thankful♥️

Wild Rose and Blue Star playing in the garden.
Wishbone playing on his own.
Angel Eyes and Lavender in the ball sea.
In the ball sea.
Sisters playing
Delwy so patient with Lavender.
Blue Star, Lavender and Wishbone playing together.
Wild Rose 7 weeks tomorrow.
Wild Rose
Wild Rose
Blue Star 7 weeks tomorrow

Enchantement litter is now 6 weeks 5 days old. They have now been outside for some days. Exciting new experiences!

Angel Eyes….
Wishbone… Mum comes and askes: What´s up?
Wishbone pulling Angels´ears…
Playing in the garden;-)
Different interests…
Lavender eating while laying down;-)
Wishbone, Angel Eyes and Wild Rose 6 weeks 5 days old.
The girl with the eyes of an Angel….
Lavender, a real gardener….
Wishbone relaxing. Hard work beeing a gardener…
Lavender! Such a beautiful head!
Blue Star in front and from the left Angel Eyes, Lavender, Wild Rose and Wishbone with mother Delwy behind.
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes and Blue Star
Mother Delwy trying to clean Wild Rose while she´s passing by….
Delwy playing her little ones
Delwy watching Blue Star and Lavender
The brown ones; Angel Eyes, Blue Star and Wild Rose.
Back inside…
After a long day in he garden it´s time for a good night sleep…
Angel Eyes 5 weeks
Angel Eyes 5 weeks
Angel Eyes 6 weeks
Lavender 5 weeks
Lavender 6 weeks
Wishbone 6 weeks
Wishbone 5 weeks
Blue Star 5 weeks
Blue Star 6 weeks
Now ix weeks and just getting lovlier and lovlier for every day passing by….
Angel, Rose, Lavender, Blue Star and Wishbone…..I love them….
Angel Eyes 5 weeks
Angel Eyes 5 weeks

Wishbone 4 weeks 5 days
Lavender 4 weeks 5 days
Angel Eyes 4 weeks 5 days
Angel Eyes and Wishbone
Blue Star 4 weeks 5 days
All five;-)
Lavender and Angel Eyes
Wishbone and Lavender.
Angel Eyes and Wishbone

Blue Star and Wishbone.
The litter is getting lovlier for every day passing by and more active as well.
Blue Star playing on his own;-)
3 weeks and 3 days old, eating for the first time;-)

20191021: 3 weeks and one day.

Wild Rose 3 weeks
Wild Rose 3 weeks
Wild Rose 3 weeks
Angel Eyes, Wild Rose and Wishbone 3 weeks
Angel Eyes and Wishbone 3 weeks
Angel Eyes and Wishbone 3 weeks
Wild Rose 3 weeks
Lavender 3 weeks
Wishbone 3 weeks
Blue Star 3 weeks
Wishbone and Blue Star 3 weeks

20191019: Puppy-TV, the best tv ever. I can sit and watch for hours!

20191017: The puppies are eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping and once in a while up walking. Little beauties!

Angel Eyes 19 days
Angel Eyes
Wild Rose and Angel Eyes
Lavender 19 days
Lavender 19 days
Wild Rose 19 days
Wild Rose 19 days
Wishbone 19 days
Blue Star and Wishbone 19 days
Blue Star 19 days

20191015: 17 day old and just so adorable I can´t take my eyes away from them.

Beautiful Angel Rose, 17 days old
My Angel Rose. So so adorable!
Stunning Lavender!
Beautiful Wishbone
Lovely Blue Star
Adorable Wild Rose
Adorable Wild Rose

20191014: Today they got their first deworming. They got it in minced beef and yes, theye were ineterested;-) All of them have opened their eyes today. So lovely to see them!

2 weeks and already so big, sooo lovely and sooo beautiful!
Such beautiful puppies; Blue Star, Angel Eyes (green), Wild Rose (red), Lavender ( white) and Wishbone (yellow). I love them from here to the moon!

They are all growing so fast. Already 2 weeks old. Wishbone and Wild Rose opened their eyes. Such a lovely moment!

Wild Rose.The world is getting bigger and bigger. Love you!
Lavender 2 weeks
Blue Star 2 weeks
Wild Rose 2 weeks
Angel Eyes 2 weeks

They are now given their names. Lovely names for a beautiful litter.

Mister White.
Mister Yellow
Mister Blue
Miss Green
Miss Red
Miss Pansy
Delwy with her beautiful puppies nine days old. Such beautiful heads! Father Bruno!
One week old. From Miss Pink our smallest one to Mister Blue the heaviest one.
Lovely Miss Pink. She was our smallest princess. She fighted, she grew. Yesterday evening her weight was 421 g. We all thought she would make it. This morning she passed the rainbowbridge at 5.40. She was found dead in the whelpingbox. I was soo shocked. I love all our puppies so so much. Loosing one of them is so so hard. Our little Angel. I love you!
Adorable Miss Red, one week old.
Gorgeous Miss Green, one week old.
Beautiful Mister white, one week old.
Lovely Mister Yellow, one week old
Our biggest male, adorable Mister Blue, one week old.

Edelwyss von Springbell / Delwy
Borned: 6.2.15
Mother: Ela Samba de la Serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre
Father:  Nuphar’s Everything Zen
ED 0/0
LS-ÜGW Typ 0
Eyes: 5.1.2017 all OK and healthy
Embark DNA-Test: all clear no carrier of anything
            PRCD-PRA frei/clear
             Dilution Factor: D/D
Shows: Excellent, RCAC

Fazi Konstelacja Malej Niedzwiedzicy
Borned. 12.10.13
Mother: Barbeciarskiej Chaty Abaya
Father: Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco 
ED 0/0
Eyes: 20191112 and mydogDNA all free
Shows: JChPL, ChPL

Ultrasound 190823 said more than 5 puppies….. We are so very happy!

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